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Stay relaxed. Our experts create your contact iCardz within 72hrs and publish online. You will get cardz.link/shortname‘ as your iCardz address. You can upgrade to ‘shortname.cardz.link’ or ‘shortname.icardz.me’ by choosing premium versions later at anytime.

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We send notification email to your registered email upon we complete developing iCardz. We publish the developed iCardz upon completion. You can make any change from your My account page.

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Unique Features

Install in iOS.

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Open iCardz link in Safari browser.

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Click share button in bottom center.

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Click ‘Add to Home Screen’.

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Install in Andriod.

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Open iCardz link in Chrome browser.

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Click three dots on top right.

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Click ‘Install App’.

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An iCardz can give a guaranteed income from $130.00 to $240.00 per year. When an iCardz user refer iCardz to a new user, both of them get a return. If a user refer 10 new users in a year, user makes approximately $100.00 . If you don't have an iCardz you are loosing income due to your ignorance.
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Beginner Friendly

Every successful people knows, being online is a required part of all professions, jobs, businesses, etc. We need to guide all good hearted people to upgrade yourself to the new way of life. We help you to start with a digital card which is unavoidable for your success. When you start your successes we guide you to next step to go further to keep moving on your success.

A step to advanced life

CardzLink is a platform of Webzieh Creations Limited. Webzieh have other services in line which includes Domain Plus and Website creation. Websites created by Webzieh platforms support Progressive Web Application technology also.

Domain Plus

We have a new product which enhance value of every website. And also helps domain owners to generate revenue from their website. Some more features like whois domain ownership verification and google verification. Give discount to clients and customers in our platforms with your domain.

Websites Development

We are creating complete website for our reputed clients, who are professional are legally registered in any country based on their rules. Maagics.com is our platform for creating a perfect responsive website for your reputed company.

Apps Development

Our all website developing platforms are supporting progressive web application technology. This is most modern technology used to easily convert website into mobile application. The best benefit is, application publishing is not complicated like publishing in App store and play store.

We have responsive, live, modern and classic new design which suits everyone in the world. A stylish curvy live spread from bottom to right side identifies the iCardz grade. Live background is giving life to the iCardz. Advanced features like QR code sharing, saving to iOS and Android added with stylish icons. Most of the features in the card visualised with attractive icons.

Save the Earth.

We are living in this planet with a social responsibility to save the planet by stop killing greenery around us. Global warming is the biggest threat which is silently haunting human race now. Stop using paper visiting cards to minimize use of paper to save trees. Encourage others to use e-visiting card also.  

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